Pell Grant Eligibility
Alabama Pell Grant

Alabama had 150,000 recipients of the Pell Grant, which represents 2% of total number of students that received a Pell Grant.    A total of $600 Million dollars were allocated to these 150,000 Pell Grant recipients.  The State of Alabama received an above average Pell Grant total distribution amount when compared to all states due to a higher percentage of lower income students in the state and more students attending Alabama trade / vocational schools.  The average Pell Grant award amount that these students received was $3,991 that could be used towards school supplies, books, and tuition.

More than 106,000 Alabama students that attended the Alabama Public School System received $418 Million in Pell Grant funding.  These students attended community colleges, Alabama state universities, as well as University of Alabama Universities.  The average Pell Grant award amount was $3,943 per student, which is a equivalent to the state average Pell Grant award.
Alabama Private Schools had 11,724 Pell Grant recipients during the school year, which represents 8% of the total number of students that received the Pell Grant in Alabama.  Private school students tend to be able to afford college due to their familyís financial background, scholarship opportunities, and more financial aid options available, which is why not many private schools students can qualify for a Pell Grant.  The main purpose of a Pell Grant is to give opportunity to students that otherwise would not be able to attend college.  Private students usually have financial aid options that arenít available to students that attend a public college or trade/vocational school.  The total Pell Grant award amount for Private School students was $49 Million, which represents an average award amount of $4,335.  The Pell Grant Private School award amount is much higher than the public school award amount, since private school cost of attendance is higher compared to public education.
Students that attends a vocational or trade school in Alabama received $133 Million in Pell Grant awards, which represents 22% of the total award distribution amongst Alabama Pell Grant recipients.  The $133 Million was distributed to 33,000 students attending a vocational or trade school, which represents the average Pell Grant award amount of $4,029.  The trade and vocational school students received more than the Alabama Pell Grant average award amount.  Students that attend a vocational or trade school usually need more financial assistance due to their low income status and are trying to improve their standard of living.